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About Cora Reid

In the basement of her childhood home in Toronto, a young Cora Reid would sit listening to her father play his vintage vinyl reggae collection. As a pioneer of the 1980s domestic reggae movement in Canada, Jimmy Reid planted in his daughter a love for music and her heritage. This love for and lineage of musical excellence became blatantly obvious when Cora burst onto the Canadian Reggae scene in 2004. Releasing two singles, Cora found herself propelled into the centre of Canada's thriving Reggae community. Her singles "It Is Well" and "Shout to the Lord" made their way into regular rotation on several radio stations nation wide. This talented singing sensation also found herself nominated for Top Reggae Gospel Female Singer in the 2003 Canadian Reggae Music Awards alongside vocalist veteran Kay Morris and Top Female Artiste and Best Reggae/Soca recording for the 2003 Maja Awards.


Yet, Cora Reid's life was not always as encouraging and uplifting as her music. At one point, Reid found herself spiraling in a destructive lifestyle that not only brought her years of emotional pain and distress, but also landed her in the hospital as a result of drug use. 

A single mother at 19 years of age, Cora struggled to cope by escaping through drug use, alcohol and parties on weekends. Her life seemed destined for ruin as she continued to search for relief and comfort in destructive activities. All this changed, one night when Cora sought for relief and comfort in Jesus Christ.


No longer enslaved to drugs or a need to escape her life, Cora began to build upon her new found faith. Finding strength and direction, Cora returned to school to finish her formal education. Cora Reid has watched her life transform into a living testimony of the awesome changes that can be accomplished through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


With Cora Reid's life overflowing in abundance as a singer, evangelist, and now talk show host on her own platform, The Black Rose of Durham Movement and Radio, there is no limit to where God wants to take her as she continually reaches new heights.

Great things in store for this powerful woman of God and the many things she is doing to advocate for her community.

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